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PEOPLE -  Are a company’s  greatest asset.  L-Squared will provide an environment in which  people can grow both professionally and personally.


Elemental Values

COMMUNICATIONS  -The promotion of open and free communications is essential -  with this element anything is possible.



PROFITS – are essential a companies existence and growth.  Profits allow us to attain our personal professional and financial goals.



CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP – it is important that  a company be a contributor to the community in which it operates by operating the business under the laws and regulations, providing a clean safe working environment and giving back to the communities in which are employees live.



EDUCATION  - the world is ever changing and one  must change with it through continuous education and learning .



CONDUCT - From day-to-day one must conduct themselves in the n the utmost professional and ethical manner in order to build trust with those that we interface.  We must stive  to gain and to maintain mutual trust and respect with all those individuals that pass through our business.



TECHNOLOGY -  Strategically direct our research and development to those products and services that are unique in the market.  New ideas, new ways of doing things.



COMMITMENT –  Do whatever it takes to provide customers with quality service and product.  Deliver the  product when they want it, and do the job righ t the first time!




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